America is Being Torn Apart by Sheep

Over the course of a six year period and counting, I have watched as one man (whom I consider pure evil) tear this country apart. The man I am talking about is the epitome of pure evil. As far as I can tell, the man has no empathy, no morals, is greedy, a pathological liar and is only content when indulging in evil.  I have watched this man just make stuff up and throw it out there and watch his followers (whom I refer to as sheep) absorb it and believe it. You will probably find that a lot of these sheep are people with low self-esteem which makes them susceptible to being brainwashed or bullied into submission. Several of the tools this man of evil uses is to belittle people by calling them names, keeps repeating lies and so on, heck just look at some of the senators he used these tools on, they follow him like sheep now. Heck, this man of evil created probably the biggest lie in America history and these sheep swallowed it hook, line and sinker, which just goes to show you how gullible these sheep are.

This man rose to the highest level in America and pulled a part of the country with him, these “sheep” believing in him, following him, phrasing him and most importantly selling their souls to him.  A good part of these sheep are religious people, which really amazes me because these are people that spend a good part of their life learning about good and evil. And yet they sold their soul to this man because they liked what he said, even though they knew he was a liar, greedy and immoral (sheep).  What was it I once heard, “forgive them for they know not what they do,” well there comes a point where forgiveness is not an option, what I mean by this, is “I” can only forgive someone who realizes the errors of their way.  When people refuse to see the errors of their way, forgiveness is not an option, they will continue down the road following this man of evil (like sheep to the slaughter house).      

This man and his sheep have ripped the very fabric of this country to shreds.  Will this country ever overcome this period of darkness?  I really don’t know, only time will tell, but I do believe there are enough people in this country who were not fooled by this man and it is these people that I am putting my faith in to pull this country through this time of darkness. As for the sheep, well after six years (and counting) of exposure to what evil this man has done, I have no hope for them, and as for the religious people who sold their souls to a man of evil, they are lost and will probably stay lost forever.

People need to learn to overcome low self-esteem and in my opinion this is accomplished by learning to like yourself, being nice to yourself, standing tall and not being afraid to say “NO”, learning and improving on your strengths and weaknesses and above all else stand on your own and pave your own path in life. People who follow other people more than likely never end up where the want to be in life.

Just my thoughts.

Humanity Exposed

After a years of watching this COVID-19 spread across the world I have come to realize that there are 3 kinds of people:

The first type of people I have seen, are the ones who care about themselves, their loved ones and people in general. These are the ones you see wearing masks, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, just doing what it takes to reduce spreading the virus. Another type of people that fall into this category are the ones that wear mask, social distance and avoid large gatherings because society has asked them to do so (the good Samaritan).

The second type of people I have seen, are the ones who only care about themselves and do not care about anyone else. These are the ones you see without a mask, not social distancing or attending large gatherings. To justify their behavior they will give you a number of reasons as to why they behave like this.

The third type of people I have seen, are just plain stupid. These are the ones that do not believe there is a pandemic, refuse to look at multiple news sources and like the second type, are the ones you see without a mask, not social distancing or attending large gatherings.

I consider myself a average person with a little common sense, with that said, just the thought that there is a possibility of a pandemic spreading would make me take action to protect myself, the ones I love and people in general. Every time I leave my home I mask up, keep my distance and don’t even consider attending a large gathering. So for me, the year 2020 will go down in my books as the year I truly saw humanity. Above all, the people we put in office to represent us and to protect us, the so called media personalities who put out misleading information and the people pushing conspiracies theories are the scariest of all, these are the people who will eventually doom society.

What I learned from all of this, is if a more deadly virus comes to America, we are totally screwed. We could easily loose over a quarter of the population or more. The people running this country, the so called media personalities and people pushing conspiracies theories will play a major roll in the destruction of America. My only hope for humanity is that people will learn to stop being a follower and see these people for who they really are. Just my thoughts.

Stand up and go it alone, it’s just too easy to be a follower.

Saving Money

If you are earning money then you should be putting some of that money aside for an emergency, retirement, a vacation or even something you desire to get. What I have always lived by, is to pay myself first, then my bills and everything else after that. Trust me, I know it can be hard to save money, especially when you have very little and are living pay-check to pay-check. However, if you really track where your money is going, most of the time you can always find something that you bought but didn’t really need. That is where you should focus your effort, reducing unnecessary expenditures.

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