Social Media

This message is for everyone. Social media plays an important role in our everyday life and has a lot of advantages that were not available when I was in my teens or early twenties, but it also has a lot of disadvantages that can come back to haunt you later in life.

It is a great tool for keeping in touch with loved one and friends, meeting new people, getting exposure, instant communications, sharing photos and all kinds of things. Just keep in mind, before you hit that “send” button or “post” button, that once you do, it is out there. You can’t get it back and if you delete a post, it is probably still there for someone to dig up. A simple mistake or lapse in moral judgment can quickly ruin your life now or twenty years from now.

Social media is used now more, than ever before. A lot of people give away information without thinking or knowing the consequences. There are also hidden dangers using social media. People can find out about your habits, your browsing history, where you like to go, where you live, what you like to eat and who you interact with the most. People can and do gather a lot of information on you, and I am not just talking about companies gathering information to market their product. I am talking about people who are willing to harm you or steal from you.

So here are the rules that I follow:

Never give out personal information to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, just about everything is done on the internet now so you will end up giving out personal information, like when applying for a job online or applying for a credit card online and so on… However, most of the sites are secure and hopefully the company is doing their best to protect your personal information.

Never send or post threatening or lewd remarks to anyone. If someone is being rude or threatening to you, do not respond in kind, just quit communicating with them. Seems there are people out there with a lot of anger and hate that will and do direct it at other people. Just remember you know yourself and yes you are not perfect and neither is anyone else, so take hateful communications directed at you in stride (just let it bounce off you) because it comes from someone trying to make themselves feel good by spreading hate. Stand tall and believe in yourself and know that you are not perfect but you don’t care because nobody else is either (learn to love yourself) and rise above the anger and hate being directed at you by someone who hates themselves and is trying to bring you down.

Never send or post a photo of you that you wouldn’t send to your mother or father. Be careful when posting any photo, they can provide a lot of information that you may not have intended to get out.

Know with whom you are chatting and please don’t believe everything someone tells you about themselves. People will tell you anything and you will never know what is true or false. There are a lot of angry and hateful people out there so, if you ever feel uncomfortable with what someone is talking about, disconnect.

Just my thoughts.

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